Hi, I’m new here.

At the risk of sounding somewhat vague, I’m not sure exactly how to start (yes I know – not a very catchy opening line)! Words of introduction like “Hi, thanks for visiting” and “Welcome to my blog” seem all to cliche, although still appropriate. So for now I’ll just say “Hi, I’m new here.”

This isn’t something I’ve planned for a long time, nor is it something I’ve decided to do totally on a whim. I feel like there are so many voices already ‘clouding’ the online world (excuse the pun) that on one hand I wonder if mine will make a difference to anyone… or worse still – what if it just adds to the noise? On the other hand though, the further I go through my life journey (which is intrinsically linked to my Christian faith journey), the more I come to realise that each person really is fearfully and wonderfully made as a unique and separate person (you’d think this would be obvious), different from anyone else, and yet we are all connected through a common search for love, truth, joy, hope and purpose in this life.

I believe that despite living in a post-modern society where relativism seems to be increasing exponentially, it is possible to know the truth (and in fact it is the truth about God, who he is and how we can come to know him that offers us the only true freedom and joy there is – John 8:31-32).

Do I claim to know the truth? Yes (most people do, that’s why they believe what they believe). Do I have a perfect understanding of all its intricacies? No. Am I on a journey then? Yes. Does that mean I question things around me as I live, learn and grow? Yes. Do I search for answers even though society tells me to just be comfortable with unanswered questions? Yes. Do I find answers that bolster what I believe to be true and increase my confidence in God? Yes. Do I want to help others discover the truth about Jesus? Yes, and I pray this is something I’ll continue to get better at over time.

Anyway, all that (^) to say this (>): my name is Craig, I’m currently 29 years old, married to an amazing woman, saved by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ. I am actively involved in a local church and I’m aiming to live my life in response to the God who knows all things in a world that increasingly glorifies uncertainty.

If you’re interested in standing firm in the faith, living for God and loving people while remaining consistent with an evangelical biblical worldview in the twenty first century, I invite you to join me on the journey. Thanks for stopping by!


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