Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross // Nancy Guthrie

This book is short and small in stature, yet it is a treasure trove of bite-sized meditations on the cross and resurrection of Christ which makes a big impact. It’s a step ladder allowing you to stand on the shoulders of Christian giants from across the centuries and to see the events of the first Easter as the most central, God-glorifying, mankind humbling, faith building events in human history.

I rarely rate books as five stars because I think perfection is near impossible to attain; however, there is not one chapter in this book, not one contributor or contribution that is not worth reading or that is unhelpful. Instead, the short but poignant entries have been selected so carefully and edited so masterfully that you almost forget they’ve been edited as you simply enjoy drawing on the wisdom from giants of the faith, both past and present.

If you’re looking for a devotional prompt for your quiet times in the lead up to Easter, read this book. If you’re a new Christian wanting to know more about the centrality of the cross to our faith, read this book. If you’re a seasoned saint whose heart towards the cross needs to be fanned into flame afresh, read this book. If you’re an unbeliever wondering why it’s so important that a man who lived 2000+ years ago died and reportedly rose again, read this book. In short, whoever you are, find a copy of Keep Me Near the Cross, take it up and read it – I trust you will be blessed by the cross-centred, resurrection heralding, Christ exalting wisdom therein.


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